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Maybe your system supplier or someone you know recommended our company to you. We gathered all the "good to know" things to this webpage so you can get to know us easier.

We offer thoughtfully designed services to electronic messaging


Who are we?

OWS Finland is a VAN (Value Added Network) operator who focus on electronic messaging. Our main office is located in Seinäjoki (Western Finland) but we operate nation and worldwide. Our clients are companies from a variety of industries, for example manufacturing industry, transportation, retail and importing.


What do we do?

We produce electronic messaging services to b2b and b2c data transmission. We offer modern solutions to sales and purchase invoicing and also digitalising supply chain. You can trust that EDI-messages, e-invoicing, email and paper invoicing and also invoice scanning are taken care of by us.

When using our services you can boost your business processes, reduce manual functions and the amount of paper, redeem time to more productive work and save costs.


Riskless choice

Our services are already thought over and tested so acquisition is easy. Electric data transfer is also riskless: commissioning is fast, pricing is clear, time schedule holds true and costs stick to what is premeditated. You can also start small. When your business grows our services grow along. 


Carefree co-operation

When we take care of your company's messaging, you can focus on your main business. A whole group of experts are within reach and they take care of your messaging between your customers and partners.

Less worries, better sleeps - that's what you get in return

We measure our customer satisfaction regularly. Our NPS is excellent 58.

Our customers are especially pleased on our employees' kind, fast and professional way of handling things.


Trustworthy partners

We have many long-term cooperations with various system suppliers. Together we can offer fluently working solutions.


Personal service support

The commissioning of all our services will be executed with you in a personal way. We'll familiarize with your industry (though we might already be). Our customer support functions with expertise and you can reach us even after the commissioning easily.


Always up to date

We follow the development of our area of business really closely. This way your services are always up to date although your not focusing on developing the data transferring or electric messaging.


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