Sending Sales Invoices

Send all your sales invoices through a single point of access. Through OWS Sales Invoice Service we make sure that all your sales invoices are always received in the right form.

Send your invoices

The OWS Sales Invoice Service offers an easy way to organise your company's invoicing. Regardless of whether your customer receives invoices as e-invoices, via email or on paper, you will always be sending them through the same point of access. Sending e-invoices is this easy!

You can also use our service to send the image of the invoice generated by your system as well as all its attachments. If your system does not create an image for the invoice, our service can automatically generate one based on the invoice material.

In addition the invoices you send will remain accessible in our service for one year. You also have the option to add an archive feature that fulfils all legal requirements (In Finland that is 6 years).


Paper-free office

When you combine the Sales Invoice Service with our Purchase Invoice and Scanning Services, you will be promoting paper-free business and getting rid of the mountains of paper clogging your office.

Easy, reliable and safe

We will monitor your message traffic and ensure that your invoices are moving as wanted.

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Support at your service

Our expert support service will help you solve any problems you might have with electronic invoicing while you can focus on what really matters for your company.


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