Receiving Purchase Invoices

You will receive purchase invoices straight to your systems regardless of the sender. Through OWS Purchase Invoice Service this is easy.

Receive invoices

In the OWS Purchase Invoice Service, all of the customer's invoices are received through a single point of access, regardless of how the sender has sent them – as an e-invoice or on paper.

E-invoices are delivered as such. Paper and email invoices are converted into a format the system can read, usually into the popular Finvoice format.

Through our service you will also receive the image of the invoice and all the attachments attached to it. If the sender did not send an image with the invoice material, it will be created based on the sent material to make interpreting the invoice easier.


No need for paper

In addition to purchase invoices, you can modernise your office even further by also choosing our Sales Invoice Service.

Are you interested in receiving invoices as e-invoices?

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Scanning Service

Many suppliers have already moved on to e-invoices, but some still send their invoices on paper. With our Scanning Service your system can receive these invoices in electronic form as well. The invoice can either be sent to your personal P.O. box address or email address, and you will receive the invoice as an e-invoice.

Receiving invoices in electronic format reduces typing errors and fiddling with paper and speeds up the processing of purchase invoices.


Support at your service

Our expert support team is there to help you solve any problems you may have with purchase invoices. By conducting an annual customer satisfaction survey we are able to maintain the high quality of our customer service and improve it even further.


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