OWS Connector – The service for data transferring

Encrypted and monitored message transfer.

Easy data transfer

With the OWS Connector application you can establish an encrypted and monitored message transfer connection between your company's server (or workstation) and an OWS server. The application guarantees the safe transfer of your messages and you do not have to be an expert of data transfer protocols to reap the benefits.

The application is very handy for transferring the invoices of your company, for example, but it can also be used to transfer all kinds of files regardless of their content. The transfer of the files is also monitored and their arrival at their destination is ensured.

We bear the responsibility for message transfer

By installing the application you transfer the responsibility for message transfer to begin at your company's server.

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The OWS Connector application retrieves and sends messages automatically so you do not have to worry about message transfer. The application can be handily maintained by us remotely, or you can change the setting file locally. With the setting file you can set the application to retrieve and send materials from more than one directory. The transfers can be timed to take place once a day at a certain time or continuously every five minutes, for example.


Our support will come to your aid

Our expert support service has your back with any problems you might encounter with data transfer or changing the settings file. We can also connect to your server remotely with a remote desktop program if you need instructions and guidance on how to change the settings, for example.

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