EDI Service with excellent customer care

Even if EDI messaging and it's technical twists wouldn't be familiar to you we take care that everything works as they should for you. In OWS' EDI Service our experts affiliate your EDI projects.

Smooth messaging

We will handle the message traffic your company requires regardless of the message type. The messages can be in EDIFACT, XML, CSV or any other specified data format.


Message traffic in use

We will take care of supervising your message traffic and ensuring that it works as intended between your company's customers and your suppliers. We will also handle all the necessary message translations and build data links and routing both in Finland and abroad. We already have connections to all central distribution companies in the field of commerce in Finland.


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Expert EDI Services that fulfil your company's needs

A good EDI operator is an important partner when initiating message traffic. Our extensive experience in realising EDI connections helps to speed up the implementation. Our project manager works in close co-operation with your system supplier, your company's messaging people and other EDI operators. We can give you suggestions and practical advice on how to realise message traffic in the best possible way.

In Finland and abroad

We are a part of the Finnish network of EDI operators. We have extensive experience in Finnish messaging. When you choose us, you will gain access to our robust expertise in working with central distribution companies and our existing connections to all such companies in the field of commerce in Finland. We have also created connections to China, USA and different parts of Europe. EDI messaging is possible globally.


Form Service for small companies

In Form Service you don't need to have your own ERP-system and you can still do the electric messaging. All you need is an email address. Through the service you can receive orders. The orders will be available for you in the same location, where you can collect them whenever it's the most suitable for you. Regardless of the ordering organisation, the orders will look the same and you'll avoid mistakes that you could have if you manually entered them into your system. You can also print the orders to ease collecting.

We transfer the order message to an order form that can be send to a desired email address. The Form Service is really easy to update to EDI Service if your messaging needs increase.


Support service

Our expert support team will help you with any issues. Our support specialists in Finland ensure that you receive solutions quickly. According to our annual customer satisfaction survey our service is fast, reliable and customer friendly. 


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