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OWS services

We offer modern solutions to digital data transferring. For example our customers can digitalise their supply chain or invoicing. Our services can always be customised to suit your application. We work closely with our partners to ensure the functionality of the service regardless of the application.


Successful commissioning

All of our products are implemented with expertise together with you. Each implementation is led by designated project manager who sees the project through from start to finish reliably.

You will also have a direct line to the person who handled the implementation even after the project has been completed, which means future co-operation will also flow smoothly. Our service is always personal and customer friendly. You can find the contact information and pictures of our staff here.


Expert support near the customer

In addition to the project manager, you have access to an expert support service that solves problems related to everyday messaging and monitors the flow of your messages. Our support service has received excellent marks in our annual customer service survey for several years in a row.

Independent of application and field of operation

We work in close co-operation with various different system suppliers. Even if your application supplier is not yet among our partners, we can still customise our service to function with your system regardless of your company's field of operation.

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Fields of operation

Even though there are certain practical differences in messaging from sector to sector, we have always delivered our messaging services with diligence and expertise. We have delivered messaging solutions to companies and communities in such fields as:

  • Forwarding and freighting
  • Organisations
  • Recycling
  • Property renting and management
  • Property maintenance
  • Educational establishments
  • Transportation
  • Importing
  • Media production
  • Service businesses
  • Financing
  • Manufacture of building materials
  • Construction
  • Congregations and religious organisations
  • Cleaning sector
  • Social welfare services
  • Health care
  • Wholesale trade
  • Manufacturing industry
  • Retail

Is your company's trade on the list? Our project manager will become familiar with the facts of your particular field of operation as the project progresses, deepening the co-operation between our companies even further. Whether it concerns supply chain, invoincing or other data transfer, we help you!

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System supplier, are you looking for an EDI or e-invoice operator for your application?

We are more than happy to discuss a partnership and deeper co-operation with you.

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