The employees of Rauhala Yhtiöt Concern are committed to comply with issues presented in this accountability document, and with the concern’s strategy and the values defined therein. An individual has the right and duty to actively influence the contents of this accountability document and how it manifests in daily life. Every individual is, for their own part, responsible for the welfare of the work community. 



We are a family company, which has accountable operations in the centre of its activities. In our company, accountable operations mean the following matters:   

Work welfare is the cornerstone of our operations. People make things happen, and that is why we want to take really good care of the people working in our company. Work welfare is visible in the atmosphere we create together as well as flexibility of working, diverse personnel benefits and wide-ranging health and welfare services. As a responsible employer we want to create a feeling of confidence for our personnel in this moment in life and for the future. We believe that our employees’ welfare reflects to our customers and partners. The personnel’s welfare is measured regularly. The results of personnel satisfaction surveys are reviewed with our staff, and the survey results are used to define development actions, whose implementation are monitored. 

We want to be a commercially profitable organisation; in this manner we make our future possible. A central foundation of our business activity is company growth, to achieve good results and in doing so deliver added value to our owners. According to our owner strategy, the goal of our company is not to maximise short-term profitability, but to operate as a long-term, responsible operator in the domestic market.    

As a Finnish company, our operations follow Finnish law and regulations as well as the principles of ethical business operations. We pay our tax to Finland. In 2019, Rauhala Yhtiöt Oy paid €1.6 million in tax. Of this, corporation tax was €280,000, personnel social insurance contribution was €710,000 and income tax was €630,000.  

Our concern implements good corporate governance throughout its entire operations. The board of directors for Rauhala Yhtiöt and its subsidiaries are chosen at the companies’ AGMs. The boards also have members from outside the companies. The boards of directors select a managing director, who implements the strategy as defined by the board. The boards of directors meet regularly. 

An active occupational health and safety committee also meets regular in our company. The employees select representatives for the committee, whose task it is to make the committee aware of possible deficiencies and supervise their rectification. 

We implement principles of equality in all our operations. There is zero tolerance for intimidation, alienation and inappropriate behavior in our company. All these kinds of deficiencies are ceased immediately.  



Our customers are part of our community. Our services are such which our customer companies genuinely need, and which bring added value to their operations. Our customer service has a face, a person always answers the phone or digital channels. Recommendations to our customers are based on genuine customer experience. We offer a dependable service – from person to person. We select our partners based on our business operations strategy, which complies with the matters defined in this accountability document.   

We are an active operator in our region and in national business sector organisations. We want to positively influence business development. We also co-operate closely with educational organisations to enable students to experience daily business life. In our marketing and communication practices, we adhere to Finnish law and the principles of ethical company communications.  



As a responsible employer we influence the effectiveness of society on all its different levels. We take social responsibility for our employees in every situation. We are committed to fight the grey economy and corruption. We conduct our business operations according to statutory obligations.  

We comply with the best practices of information security and data protection both in our internal activities and with our customers and partners. We actively promote the realisation of information security and data protection in all our stakeholder groups. Our operations follow the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  



We want to make solutions and choices which negatively affect our carbon footprint. We hope that our partners pay attention to their own carbon footprint. 

We observe human rights, which guarantee equal rights and quality of life for every member of humanity.