Our company

OWS Finland Oy is a subsidiary company of Rauhala Yhtiöt Oy. OWS Finland Oy has been operating in the messaging space since 2002. In addition to our company, our group contains Priima Yrityslaskenta Oy, a company that produces financial administration and salary-related services. You can read more about Priima here.

Our offices are situated in Seinäjoki and Mikkeli, Finland. Our customer base consists of over 600 companies in dozens of fields. Our services are run smoothly at all hours of the day and throughout the year. As our customer, you can focus on your core business while we take care of your message traffic.


Our path

OWS Finland Oy, or OWS for short, began its messaging activity in 2002 when OWS was still only one of Rauhala Yhtiöt Oy's business operations. From the beginning of 2013, OWS became a subsidiary company of the Rauhala Yhtiöt Oy group under the name OneWay Sanomanvälitys Oy. As of the beginning of 2017, OneWay Sanomanvälitys Oy acquired Servinet Communication Oy from its parent company and changed the company name to OWS Finland Oy to signify the merger of the two companies.

If you want learn more, we are more than happy to tell you about our company. Let us make an appointment!

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OWS as an employer

We focus on the well-being of our employees both on and off the job. Our tools change often as new technology is introduced and personal health is taken care of with long-term well-being training and weekly exercise sessions led by professionals. We encourage our employees to take responsibility for their work and we trust their expertise.

Many of our employees have been hired right after graduation through on-the-job learning. We co-operate with the Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences and we have had very positive experiences with our trainees.

As a field, messaging is quite unknown to the public, which is why we especially appreciate highly motivated applicants who are willing to learn. Be bold and send us an open job application! => Submit an application

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Our values:

  • constant renewal
  • openness
  • reliability
  • know-how and motivation
  • productivity

You can always trust our high-quality service and solutions. We want to help you increase the productivity of your business operations. When we achieve good results we promote broader security for both our customers and our own staff. We value honest, direct and good-natured communication between people. Training our staff and applying the latest knowledge in the field is both a benefit to our customers and a factor that helps our employees grow and develop.

Rauhala Yhtiöt Oy

Rauhala Yhtiöt Oy is a Finnish family-operated company with over 20 years of experience and a focus on entrepreneurship. Our group of companies employs over 50 skilled and certified professionals who take care of our customers' information technology, systems, messaging services, communications, payroll and financial administration services.
Our group's mission is to find out on a case-by-case basis what kind of solutions would best serve your company's operations. We react quickly to changes on your behalf and acquire the latest knowledge to benefit your business operations – the fast development cycle of systems and the related services requires constant vigilance. We guide, train, install, support and, first of all, find out what kind of solutions and services your everyday operations require.

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