We offer digital messaging services from EDI-messaging to electric sales and purchase invoices. Our solutions contain message transfering, telecommunication connections and routing from our homeland to locations worldwide.

Our main office is situated in Seinäjoki, Finland. Our customer base consists of over 700 companies in dozens of fields, for example logistics, food and manufacturing industries.


Our advantages are agility, employees' well-being and customer service

OWS Finland is an agile size company for customers and system suppliers. When being in cooperation with us, we act in a fluent way and the hierarchy in our company is low. A team of experts takes care of the project and the back up team is ready to help too. We aim to grow so the collaboration has a future. 

We invest in the well-being of our employees and this reflects all the way to our customers. This way everybody wins. You recognise us from excellent customer service which has a friendly face.


The Company History

OWS began its messaging activity in 2002 when OWS was still only one of Rauhala Yhtiöt Oy's business operations. From the beginning of 2013, OWS became a subsidiary company of Rauhala Yhtiöt Oy group under the name OneWay Sanomanvälitys Oy. As of the beginning of 2017, OneWay Sanomanvälitys Oy acquired Servinet Communication Oy from its parent company and changed the company name to OWS Finland Oy to signify the merger of the two companies. OWS merged into Visma at the beginning of 2023.


Marketing Materials

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Our way of doing business



The well-being of employees is the base to everything we do.


Our people's well-being reflects all the way to customers and other business partners.


When our people are well-being and customers are served superbly, this will inevitably result in success.



  • constant renewal
  • openness
  • reliability
  • know-how and motivation
  • productivity

You can always trust our high-quality service and solutions. We want to help you increase the productivity of your business operations. When we achieve good results we promote broader security for both our customers and our own staff. We value honest, direct and good-natured communication between people. Training our staff and applying the latest knowledge in the field is both a benefit to our customers and a factor that helps our employees grow and develop.